Stop Snoring

Mon, Jun 1, 2009

Stop Snoring

A new video released on CNBC highlights the threat of problem snoring and obstructive sleep apnea to your health, and introduces the aveoTSD Tongue Stabilizing Device, aveoTSD, as a uniquely simple and highly effective clinically proven treatment. 

Watch video: Sleep Apnea and Snoring Health Issues


Stop Snoring 

  • Would you love to have a great night sleep?
  • Would you like to wake with more energy for the day?
  • Are you embarrassed about the loudness of your snoring?
  • Are you the ‘butt’ of snoring jokes from your friends?
  • Do you want to stop snoring for good? stop snoring

The R.I.P Snore™ is the solution to your snoring problems! See below 

Ripsnore stops snoring or drastically reduces snoring in 98% of our customers. The Ripsnore holds the lower jaw slightly forward, moving the base of the tongue away from the back of the airway and soft palate – allowing the throat to open and the snore to be silenced.


Headaches, memory loss, chronic fatigue, personality changes, and relationship stress: put an end to your suffering with Ripsnore. A simple, one-piece device that molds to the shape of your mouth. Ripsnore is 98% effective in stopping or drastically reducing snoring.Get the peace and quiet and peace of mind you deserve: order Ripsnore today 

Other untisnoring products highly recommended by medical doctors:


Most people are affected adversely by either themselves or a spouse snoring. This video will provide you with free information on how to use the Asonor untisnoring device: 

Watch Video:  How to use Asonor

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