Sleeping Cat in Bed

Fri, Oct 2, 2009

Cat in Bed

Is it good or bad to have a domestic cat in your bed?
This important question becomes really controversial among people of different origin. Several questions and answers from www. are listed below. Just make your own judgement:
Q: Is it bad to sleep with your cat?
Was just wondering cause my cats been sleeping with me since i got him.. about a year ago but some people have told me that it might not be good for me?

A1:  My cats have always slept with me or my children once they were older, if you allergies to the cat then sleeping with it would not be a good idea. Right now I have 2 huge orange male tabbies, that sleep in the bed with myself, my husband and our 20 month old and they have since we got them when she was 8 months old.

A2:  They’re supposed to spread lung diseases. I’ve been sleeping with cats since I was 5 years old and I’m now 34. Whatever it is that’s bad hasn’t killed me yet. I do think that sleeping with them is bad though mainly because they really hog the bed and voice their displeasure if I move a muscle. I don’t get as good a night’s sleep when the cat’s in bed with me.

A3:  Its Not good to Sleep with a cat, it can cause infections, Because while your sleeping and the cat licks your face or inside your mouth or poops on the bed, God Knows what that cat has been licking outside or in the house & also gives germs on the bed i would keep the cat away from your bed.
A4:  The fur and dander may aggravate allergies, but that would be the only issue I can think of. If it doesn’t bother you, I don’t know what would be wrong with it. When I had cats that liked to sleep on the bed, it never caused any problems.
A5:  Nothing wrong with your cat sleeping in your bed. If he has fleas the fleas will bite you. If he has ring worm or worms you can catch it. But if he is a healthy cat that’s OK.
A6:  I think as long as there is enough room for both you and your cat, it should be fine. try to make sure you dont role over in your sleep to much, or you may find a squashed cat in the morning.
A7:  I don’t know why it would be bad for you. Our cats sleep with us. Well, they go in and out of the bedroom, and they usually stay on the foot-end of the bed. I’ve never heard anything bad about sleeping with cats
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