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Mon, Sep 21, 2009

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     In general, also depending on the type of dog, they sleep quietly, gently breathing without snoring, a bit faster than people. Every once in awhile, his eyes dart back and forth (must be his is dreaming) under their lids, and his feet jerk as if he’s chasing squirrels in his dreams. Then, his ears, nose, legs and tail – which seem to never stop moving when he is awake – surrender to stillness and the comfort of…his blanket? His bean bag? His crate? The sofa? Your bed?    

What you need to know about dogs sleeping?

  • Your adult dog spends about 12 hours of his day, which is about a half of his life – sleeping
  • The place he sleeps is as important to his to the dog, as to your and your family
  • Most indoor dogs sleep at the foot or side of their owner’s bed, on a favorite blanket, cushion or dog bed, placed in a warm part of the room away from drafts
  • It’s normal for a dog to nap in the master bedroom when your house is empty during the day because it smells like you
  • However, most dog owner prefer their favorite pets to sleep on their own bed, such as a pad or crate

Dog’s Sleep Habits

  • There is no question: dogs are the best to fall asleep any time they want
  • It is usually happens when there is no noice, nor any acivities of people around
  • The amount of time dogs spent napping varies from dog to dog and depends on the dog’s age, breed, and personality
  • There is no surprise that consecutive short naps and longer snoozes make dogs sleep as long as 14 hours a day
  • The various breeds of dogs also seem to have different sleep requirements:
    • Some very large breed of dogs, like Newfoundlands, Saint Bernards, and other mastiffs, often spend a great deal of their lives sleeping – perhaps up to sixteen or even eighteen hours a day.

Q: How bad is it to let our dog sleep in bed with us?

We adopted Duke in September, at first he was crate trained and we dragged the crate into our room each night – then he came down with a skin condition and we started letting him sleep on the couch and as long as he was asleep before me I could creep away and he wouldf stay all night with no accidents (he is 14 months old) so completely house trained. We boarded him at a home over Xmas and he slept with the host in her bed. Since he has been crawling into our bed and he is so sweet and cuddley it was hard to kick him out – It has been 5 nights now and I am afraid that 1 it will be a hard habit to break but number 2 this is not a good way to assert ourselves as his pack leader not to mention the romantic implications on my marriage. Any thoughts suggestions? Also I don’t want to put him in the crate at night as he is there while we work…Thanks for your input.

A: The Best Answer 

There are many people who feel that a dog should never be allowed on the bed, on the couch, or even in your bedroom because it encourages bad behavior and it can damage the pack structure. I think that it’s perfectly fine to let your dog on the couch or on the bed. BUT, there need to be rules attached to it. My dog is allowed on the couch and the bed when she is invited up, and she has to move or get off when told. As the human pack leaders, the couch and bed are ours, and being on them is a privilege that is controlled and revoked (if necessary) by the pack leader.

If your dog just crawls into bed with you, I would stop the behavior and make him get off. What you could do instead of crating would be to put a dog bed or rug, and whenever Duke gets up on the bed, take him by the collar, walk him to his bed, and then return to your bed. Label the behavior with a word, such as “pillow”, after awhile. Nothing wrong with snuggle time. Just enforce your rules. 

Watch Video:  Dog Training – Does Your Dog Sleep On The Bed?



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