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Fri, Jul 17, 2009

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Sleeping Solo:    Good or Bad?


A number of studies conducted by Austrian scientists, revealed that men sleep better by themselves than with a partner, as a result of a negative impact on the brain functions. 

According to them, there is a temporary decline in mental ability caused by sleep deprivation that has been observed in married men after a night sleep, regardless of whether they had been engaged in sex or not.


How is Effective  Sleeping Solo:

  • The effectiveness of a night sleep was verified by using simple intelligence tests. All tests have been given to men every morning.
  • Hormone tests have been also administered.
  • Despite the fact that most men tend to be confident that the sleep quality is much better in the common bed with a partner, the test show much worse deal results after the night spent with a partner. 
  • Their hormonal test also show disturbed sleep.

How women deal with a Sleeping Solo?

Here are  the results of the same study:

  • In comparison,  virtually no women demonstrate those results. For women sleep with a bed partner has a different effect.
  • For unclear reasons, the beautiful gender was able to have a deep and restful sleep no matter whether they shared a bed with someone or not.
  • Women dream more vivid dreams than men, which they can easily remember. 
  • Sleep with a man gives them more troubled than sleeping along mostly because a large number of men tend to sleep snoring.

The final conclusion:

Thus, it has been established that in order to maintain mental health and a clear mind in the morning men and women should sleep in different beds

Let’ see what other people say about Sleeping Solo:

Therapist Kelly Devere explains: Is a marriage troubled if a couple sleeps in separate beds or bedrooms? Sleeping solo is more common than you might realize. A 2005 Sleep Foundation survey found 23 percent of couples frequently sleep solo. Because of snoring, kicking or other problems like heat flashes from menopause. And that percentage of solo sleepers doesn’t even take into account solo sleeping because of different schedules or to avoid a tyke’s wake-up call.

West Frankfort, IL:  Sleeping solo….definitely good! My husband started to regularly snore a couple of years ago. At first I just dealt with being woken up 7 or 8 times a night by it…but after awhile I noticed severe changes in ME due to the lack of sleep. I begged him to figure out the problem but he wrote it off to me “being a light sleeper”. Funny after 17 years of marriage I SUDDENLY became a light sleeper. Sooo, I said enough is enough….I moved out of the bed and I can tell you what a difference a full night’s sleep makes. So sleeping solo…thumbs up!

Gilbert, AZ:  My wife said it was either me or her that would move to the other bedroom, and of course, I moved. It has been good overall. I would highly recommend it if either of you have trouble sleeping at night. In this case, I got up several times a night, and am quite a noisy sleeper. This is a thumbs up for both of us.

Woodland Hills, CA: My ex-wife would complain all the time that I snored. Turned out I had severe sleep apnea and never realized it could kill me. Now I have a machine that helps me breath. I don’t snore, I don’t have someone waking me up several times a night, I sleep like a baby and it’s helping me with my weight loss. I should have traded the wife for that machine a long time ago!

Gilford, NH: I think sleeping solo is a good thing because, if your partner is a person that is restess, hoggs the blankets, or snors, then it will take away from your time to sleep. Also, if you, or your partner, wakes up earlier than that is less focus that you have for your day. And after you having little to no sleep, then the rest of your day will have the domino effect, everything will go down hill from there. But the good side for sleeping with someone, you could have the comfort of someone being there and to feel safe or not be scared. But other than that, then I think it is best if you sleep solo.

Florence, SC: My husband has his own bedroom and I have mine. I have pretty bad restless leg syndrome and I end up moving around a lot at night. He snores and grinds his teeth, and also likes to throw elbows during the night. Sleeping in different rooms has really been a benefit to us. And he keeps all of his toys (PS3, x-box 360-those manly toys) in the room he sleeps in so it isn’t cluttering the TV in the family room.

Bacoor, Philippines:  I prefer solo… I have spent sleeping solo since I got married because my husband snores a lot and he talks in his sleep at times… Solo is thumbs up!


That is why you need to sleep solo!

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