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Thu, Jul 16, 2009

Healthy SleepSleep Secrets

Sleep is not only a physiological process of body recuperation, but it is also the state of relaxation. It gives you the opportunity to get into the arms of Morpheus, the god of sleep, and immerse yourself into pleasant dreams. Unfortunately, to fall into the of Morpheus’s arms is not so easy. Many of us are still restless and full of energy that is a reflection of a daily stress. As a result, we all periodically (or sometimes continuously) are suffering from insomnia episodes.

To cope with insomnia we can apply various tricks and several techniques suitable for to concur insomnia, as well as a handful of helpful tips listed below:

Set your own rules before going to bed

Brush your teeth, put on pajamas, go to the bathroom, etc. It is not important what are you going to do. The idea is that every night before going to bed, you conducting the same routine. When you begin each evening to perform a certain ritual before going to bed, your subconscious mind, sooner or later, will understand what those actions are, and leave you at night alone. This technique doesn’t work right from the beginning, so please be patient and continue to perform this ritual.
The bedroom is for sleeping!

Use the bedroom only for its intended purpose. Do not eat or play video games in the bedroom. Your subconsciousness  needs to associate the bedroom only with rest, sleep, as well as with sex.

Get somefresh air before your bedtime

Regular walks will provide your body with oxygen. However, do not go for a walk right before you go to bed, otherwise your body will be over energized.

Do not take your cell phone into a bed

Check all your messages prior going to bed, as well as your e-mails. In this case you will not have any thought about missing calls or missing letters.

Should I watch TV before going to bed or not?

Some of TV channels sound pleasant, others do not. See if you can distinguish them and decide for yourself what kind of sound is good for you before going to bed.

Music before going to bed

It is obvious that a hard rock or pop music will be a bit disturbing before your bedtime. Music should be relaxing, such as: sounds of nature, noise of tides, forest sounds, or the ocean breath.

Adjust your bedroom temperature

It is hard to sleep at high temperature. The optimum temperature for restful sleep night is from +180C to +220C.

Eating before bedtime

Is not recommended to have meal before going to bed.  Your last meal should be no later than two to three hours before sleep. Spicy food  shouldn’t be consumed at all. Spicy food provokes your appetite, and forces you to eat more. Light sandwich, pastry, or a drink can be your dinner.

What should I drink before going to bed?

Do not drink tea, coffee, or alcohol before going to bed, due the caffeine content.

Still can’t fall asleep? 

If you, let’s say, spent a half of an hour turning from one side to another, then what you should do is to get up, go to the window and look through, or just go around your place for a few minutes just to break that unsuccessful period of no sleep. If you are still not asleep, then check your mattress. Maybe your mattress quality doesn’t help you to get relaxing sleep you expected! . Think about the actual replacement of the mattress.

Reading book

Occasionally, reading book in bed makes people sleepy, however, you need to select books with a simple or light topic. You can stop reading this book at any paragraph you want; and you do not stay awake the whole night without sleep waiting  to know what should happen next.


Do not look at your wrist watch or your alarm clock to check how long you stay awake without sleep. You might become more nervous and falling sleep will be even more difficult. Try to shift your thoughts to something else, which is not related to what you have been thinking before and without disturbing your imagination. Massage your stomach in circular motion in the clockwise direction. Try to breathe deeply. This will help you to relax.

What some religions tell you about sleep?

In Jewish tradition, for example, it is forbidden to sleep on your back. It is the best to sleep on your left side, and wake up on the right one. According to Torah when a person goes to bed, he or she should think that it is not the only place where you are have sex or relax, but where it helps achieving bodily health and a spiritual purification.

In conclusion

It is not expected that you can use all the techniques at once. We only need to know that some advices mentioned above helped you, and you have reached the arms of Morpheus, you pleasant sleep!

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There is a genetic form of this disease, and a sporadic form. It is extremely rare, only eight people in the world have been known to have it.

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