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Mon, Jul 27, 2009

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All of us usually think that sleep is a time of rest, a time when our mind is relaxed, and becomes quiet. After a long and busy day at work, or after school classes, perhaps after talking to many people, teaching, or studying, and, of course, stressing out, our mind finally gets to shut down and take a break from it all. It seems to be logical, doesn’t it? Well, that’s not what is happening in the real world of our brain. In reality, even when we are asleep, our brain is still functioning, almost as fast as it did during the regular day activity. Some researches even concluded that during our sleep hours, we continue learning what we have been exposed during the day.

Our Brain Works While We are Asleep

Multiple studies on the subject of sleep learning, known as hypnopedia, reveals that our brain is capable of processing different information, such as visual and verbal, while being in the state of normal or hypnotic sleep, without any conscious efforts on our part. It includes:

  • memorization
  • visualization
  • studying
  • speech preparation,
  • problem solving
  • inventing
  • creating music
  • painting
  • other

History of Learning While Asleep

Learning while asleep, also known as self-teaching or hypnopedia) was originally developed by Prof. Georgi Lozanov, psychiatrist from Bulgaria. Together with another psychologist, Vesselin Loutchansky, who was the first yoga performer and yoga-promoter in Bulgaria, they started experimenting with sleep-learning and hypnotic learning, as well as with learning through meditation. Other studies, conducted by the author of this writing back in 60s, proved without any doubts that the process of learning and memorization under induced or hypnotic sleep was very effective and a time-saving process.

How learning while asleep can be achieved?

Several studies conducted by the author of this post demonstrate the following techniques that have been successfully tested to make people benefit from the learning through their sleep hours:

  • Day session: learning during hypnotic sleep (conducted by a trained hypnotist)
  • Day session: learning during hypnotic sleep (conducted by a device, called “hypnotron”)
  • Night session learning during lucid dreaming (with assistance from family member)
  • Day or Night session learning during The Key state of consciousness (see Hypnotic Sleep)

The only limitations to the first 3 methods of learning is the presence of the hypnotist or the assistant. All this is happening while you sleep! As you can see, effortless sleep-learning is not only possible, it is a reality.

Watch video: Learning While You Sleep

Learning During Sleep

Hypnotron is a device that was originally developed by the author of this writing, back in 60s. It consisted of several components, one of them being a recording of the hypnotist’s suggestions to fall asleep, the others – audio recording for the recipient’s memorization, and the last one was a sleep depth analyzer, which was triggering certain parts of the audio recording for achieving the best memory retention. Tested by the students of The Foreign Language Academy, the hypnotron demonstrated remarkable results with almost 100% success rate in memorizing foreign language words and over 90% in their retention over 90-day period.

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