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Mon, Sep 14, 2009

How Fall AsleepSleep Secrets

Your are still awaken and you can’t get it to stop, just to fall asleep. That is all you need, right? Yes of course, however, all you want is to fall asleep yourself, without those dangerous sleeping pills everyone is talking about. Now tell how are you planning to do that?

This article will show what you need to know in order to fall asleep anytime, anywhere, and really fast. Let see some obvious things we need to follow before the secret technique described below will start working for you. But first thing first: you need to understand how to make a transition from a full awakening to a real sleep. Let’s see what is involved:

  1. Familiarize yourself with a term sleep hygiene as it described in Sleep Disorders Treatment category. 
  2. One of the most important parts in your night sleep is a mattress you sleep on. Get a good one.
  3. Make sure that your bedroom is not a subject to external noise. Get a white noise machine if you need.
  4. Outside city light is the best and the most comfortable for your night sleep. Use it (later) to wake up without alarm clock.
  5. Find yourself in the most attractive position in the bed, with or without clothing, whatever if you prefer.
  6. For a quick result take one or more deep breaths. You should be able to start breathing through your nose with no efforts.
  7. Now is a time to practice technique by which you start falling asleep really fast. Here is what you are going to do:
  • Being in your most comfortable position you have selected for yourself, imaging five or more white (or any color) dots in front of your eyes
  • Immediately, imaging those dots rotating clockwise or counter-clockwise, as you like.
  • Alternative method is to start following those dots, one a time, again clockwise or counter-clockwise, your choice.
  • Try not to think of anything else, only about your eye rotation, no matter what! This is very important!!!
  • If there is no any sound or light disturbance in your bedroom, you will be able to fall asleep within seconds!

Practice this technique first when you happen to be awake during the night for your natural needs, that is by going to the bathroom or by having a sip of water. Also, for the best result to fall back to your sleep, try not to open your eyes. It will prevent you from any additional stimuli to keep you awake. Practice this technique. Practice makes perfect!

Watch Video:  Learn how to fall asleep quickly and easily

It will show you a step by step system to help improve quality of your sleep. It is easy and simple to follow, you just need to turn it on and you will be in deep sleep like magic:







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