Sleep and Art

Fri, Sep 11, 2009

Sleep & Art

Artists use dream images to create their own art

We all experience strange and vivid dreams, so different from our regular surrounding that we easily memorize them and remember after we wake up. From colorful siteseeings to extraterrestrial creatures, our dreams have no boarders. It is not surprise to many of us to hear music, conversations, participating in all kinds of sports, performing stage appearance, or just flying above the ground. Those merely strange and vivid stories people experience in dreams become as unlimited source of inspiration and enough materials for artists, musicians, writers, poets, story tellers, political leaders, inventors, and many others professionals and amateurs around the globe. 

How to achieve this state of unlimited source of inspiration, vividness, visual and colorful imaginary when you can control what you see in your dream, create poems, or invent things? The solution is in Lucid Dreaming.

Dreams have been not only an inspiration for many people. They have been a source of study, discoveries, and a meeting place with those who are not longer with us, either humans and animals. Many people still inspired by the phenomena of dreams so they dedicate their life to study and interpret them, still believing in correlation between dreams and reality.

The following several images have been painted by the most productive surrealistic artist of all times — Salvatore Dali whose paintings have been inspired by his dreams: 


      The Dream                                                      The Persistance of Memory                   


         Shades of Night            Woman Sleeping in a                 The Dream Approaches                 

            Descending                               Landscape


             Night Spectre on the Beach                    United Dreams on the Beach                                          


                The Invention of the Monsters                                      Sleep


                            Perspectives                                         The Dream of Venus


                  The Sleeping Smoker                                        Othello Dreaming Venice


The Dream Page (one of several sites where you can submit a dream narrative)

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