Nightmares Part II: Treatment

Wed, Sep 2, 2009


This article is the second part of the Nightmares article published under Parasomnias

For those who may experience nightmares, please follow the guideline on how to get rid of them (the nightmares) explained below:

1. Precondition #1: you experience identical episodes from night to night.

The solution is relatively simple, however, you need to follow it as described below:

  • Regardless how scary the episode might be, you have to participate in it
  • It means, that in your dream you do exactly at it is expected you to do
  • As an example, in your dream, if someone says to jump from the top of the building, then you do jump
  • Apply this advice to your own dreams and modify your behavior accordingly
  • No matter what you do in your dream, there is nothing is going to happen to you.

Explanation of this phenomenon: by completing any scary moment, similar to watch the end of the movie  you will replace your nightmare precognition by something, which is not scary or unknown to you. That is how you remove your nightmares from you memory.

2. Precondition #2: all your nightmares are different from one dream to another.

This is more complicated case when you are required to analyze your dreams and try to find some similarities between them. Then, before falling asleep, you need to construct in your mind any possible scenario of that common dream of yours, as well as you need to decide what you are planning to do when this situation happens.

There are maximum of 7 or 8 different scary situations that might  disturbe  your dream. They are listed by major categories:

  1. Extreme danger, such as: being murdered, caught, attacked, eaten, squashed, stuck or burned, becoming diseased
  2. Bad events, such as: falling, drowning, being raped, becoming disabled, sentenced, abandoned, etc.
  3. Losing loved ones, such as: parents, children, relatives, spouses, friends
  4. Facing death, such as: frozen, trapped, decrepit, tortured, etc.
  5. Encountering unpleasant creatures or beings, such as: humans or animals
  6. Sensation of pain or any other health problems (requires immediate medical attention!)
  7. Dangerous places, such as: mountains, planes, high-rise buildings, etc.
  8. Others

Any combination of those will create from about 60 to 120 possible nightmare scenarios. It is because 27=64 and 28=128. That is why there are so many different nightmares. In fact, there are total of over 120 different possibilities for the nightmares to take place and the technique to get rid of them.


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