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Sun, Sep 13, 2009

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What It Takes For A Woman To Sleep With You

It is a common belief among men that a man should be in affection with a woman in order to sleep with her. Men also think that sex is different from love, which is true, of course. A man may confess to a woman that he is in sexual relationship with one or more women, but not with a woman he is in love. For him any contact with his woman needs to be very special and well planned ahead.

How men and women think about sleeping together?


  • The first indication of a man being ready for engaging into sexual relationship with a woman is his libido or just an erection of his manhood just for the purpose of performing sexual intercourse.
  • For a woman to make a decision to sleep with a man she needs a reason. It has to be enough reason just to make her undress in front of a man. This reason is what a man must clearly understand in order to know why a woman would sleep with you.
  • Most men fear that if they try any direct approach to a woman requesting sexual relationship  without any emotional attachment, then this woman will let him down and reject him outright.
  • It is only partly correct! You have to understand women’s psychology to engage them into sleeping with you if it is just your immediate goal.

You don’t need to be Casanova just for the sake of becoming better husband even this opinion is quite prevalent.


For a woman to make a decision to sleep with she may require additional components before sleeping with you such as:

  • To feel specific connection between him and her, ether spiritual or intellectual.
  • She doesn’t need to be your only girlfriend to sleep with you. If you managed to find that inside connection with a woman, that is all you need to do. Just find any trigger or any “button” to make that connection.
  • A woman requires a very good reason to sleep with you willingly, with nothing in return except sharing spiritual, intellectual, or sexual pleasure.
  • A woman might tell you that she is not planning to have sex with you. However, after a while she might.
  • Try to convince her that she is a very good and decent woman. If she thinks that you are treating her as a low quality person and you have no manners, stay calm, apologize with a teasing expression on you face, but do not insist on getting laid.  Guess what: she will be sleeping with you in no time.
  • Woman needs to trust you and be able to communicate to your emotions. You need to spend some time to gain her trust and respect while making that communication. Use your finger touch to amplify your efforts. You might need to learn how to do that if you don’t have enough knowledge. Hand touch plays a great role in sexual arousal!
  • Remember: If a woman feels any connection between you and her, a drift of your soul towards her, even if you are old and married, she will sleep with you and she will never have any regret.

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