Sex & Sleep Part2

Sun, Sep 6, 2009

For Adults OnlySex & Sleep II

By Sophie Keller “5 More Tips To Better Sex And Sleep”

This series is about finding happiness in the home. How do we, very simply, make the physical layout of the house more harmonious? How do we improve our communication with those we live with? What food would be most beneficial to have in our fridge? And how can we generally make more positive choices in our home life? Most of us spend at least a third of our lives in the bedroom. It’s where we withdraw from the world and rejuvenate. If we experience a sense of harmony in there, we have a much better chance of coming out in to the world in a balanced way, which will, in turn, affect how we go about our day, how much energy we have and how we communicate with others.

5  Tips To Better Sex And Sleep

TIP 1. My number one motto for the bedroom is to keep it simple, peaceful and uncluttered. If at all possible, don’t have anything in there that is too stimulating. Answering machines, computers, televisions etc. If you must have a television, then put it in a cupboard, so it can be put away or covered when you aren’t watching it.  Read more…

Watch Video:  Researchers say if your sex drive is dwindling try getting more sleep!  

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